We’ve lead software product discovery and implementations for 20+ years. We enjoy facilitating fast product learning cycles using design sprints, collaborative charters, story mapping, and iterative delivery. We also enjoy teaching lean and agile practice adoption at all levels of the organization.

Sage Software Consulting has extensive experience rolling out enterprise-wide lean and agile practices. Through this experience we’ve come to value:

  • Incremental rollouts over big bang rollouts
  • Full enterprise endorsement of principles over partial endorsement
  • Working guidelines over being too prescriptive
  • Context matters over context doesn’t matter
  • Learning from what’s done over following an outdated plan
  • Quarterly strategic planning increments over longer-range plans
  • Communities of interests over centers of excellence
  • Team autonomy over being too prescriptive
  • Products and Platforms over programs and projects
  • Short learn and adjust cycles over long learn and adjust cycles
  • Writing tests over writing requirements
  • Meetings with success criteria over meetings without

While the items on the right may seem important, (and sometimes are) the items on the left will lead to greater lean and agile practice adoption success.